5 stars Recommended
I had the LASIK procedure done last year by Dr. H. and I cannot begin to say enough about how happy I am I did. I don't have to reach for my glasses the minute I wake up every morning. The entire staff at the Hauppauge office have been very personable, courteous and professional and treat you like family. I highly recommend Stahl eyecare!

5 stars 5
I have been going to the Stahl Eye Care Center Manhattan office for the past 8 years. I was first referred to the practice by a co-worker who recommended Dr. Hufnagel as a good choice to perform Lasik Surgery when I discovered I might need glasses. Dr. Hufnagel advised me that he did not recommend surgery at that time and gave me a mild prescription for eyeglasses instead. <br><br>8 years later, after consulting with Dr. Hufnagel, I had the surgery in Garden City. The whole process, leading up to, during and after the surgery was totally painless. I'm really impressed by the level of care I received. I am so happy with my results which are better than expected. I was shocked at the immediate results. 1 month and 1/2 after surgery I'm still amazed at all the "fine print" I can read from a distance.<br><br>I've only ever received stellar service from the staff at Stahl, and would recommend them, and especially Dr. Hufnagel, to people I know.

4 stars 4
Really surprised by negative reviews on here so needed to add my (overdue) two cents...<br><br>I've been a contact wearer for more than two decades. I have keratoconus, a rare cornea issue, which has made it extremely difficult to get quality eye care over the years. (Some MDs don't even understand this disease.) The curvature of my eye changes, which in turn changes my refraction and prescription. I have to wear hard lenses to stabilize my eye and it takes a lot of patience to get me fitted since even between fittings, my curvature/Rx can change. It's not only a prescription that needs to be right but the diameter and curvature of the lens...there is a lot of trial and error of combinations and as a patient, it can be a really discouraging process to get good vision. <br><br>For years, I settled for "good enough" vision and hopped around to different doctors hoping for a good result. The process was so exhausting. Then almost nine years ago, after a ton of research for a new MD I found Stahl and Dr. Chang specifically. I've been a patient ever since. Dr. Chang is friendly, efficient and takes time to explain things. I feel like I'm really in expert care. Also, as a contact lens wearer, for me Stahl's secret weapon is Galo Andrade, a superb optician and contact lens specialist. Hard lenses can suck...but he geeks out over the perfect lens, pretty much insisting that my quality of life shouldn't suffer because of uncomfortable lenses or less-than-perfect vision. I really appreciate this because truly, I was accepting uncomfortable lenses (that caused red eye, weird blinking and exhaustion looking at screens) not knowing there were better ones out there. (How would I know to ask? That's what I rely on my optician for!) I've been through many lens types because Galo is up on the latest in lens technology and am currently loving my scleral lenses...which are basically huge hard contacts that are intimidating at first but SO incredibly comfortable. I had a few follow-up questions after being fitted and both the front desk and Galo were quick to get back to me. <br><br>All this to say, eye care is complicated but your vision affects your life and quality care matters. I highly recommend Stahl...obviously...I've been a patient for years. Everyone there is busy, but they do take time with patients and I never felt rushed or pushed into anything as some of the negative reviews on here suggest. Hope this review is helpful, especially if you're a contact lens wearer. <br><br>I'm reserving five full starts for the eye doctor who serves me cappuccino while I wait...kidding. Just don't want to give five stars so my review isn't flagged as fake...Stahl is really good. (Though cappuccino would be a nice touch...)

5 stars Recommended

4 stars 4
I had been looking into LASIK surgery and had consultations at other offices. In just a quick phone conversation, I knew that Stahl was going to be the winner. From the front desk, to the techs and Dr's, everyone was pleasant and very helpful with any questions I had. <br>Dr Werner did my intralase and was great. He calmed my fears and made me feel comfortable. The whole process was quick and easy! <br>I would highly reccommend Stahl eyecare to anyone looking for a great set of doctors and staff!

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