4 stars 4
I am surprised by the low ratings. I previously went to Rosemblaum Eye Center, after getting horrible treatment, (you can read my review) going thru months of treatment for conjunctivitis and then also being told I would never be able to wear contacts again in my life, I decided to get a second opinion from Stahl Eyecare. The staff there was soooo nice and accommodating! There is no long waits. My appt was at 12:00 and I saw the doctor at 12:05!! The doctor was really nice after I told him my story. He prescribed me a different type of contacts that alleviated my problem and I was happy again wearing contacts...after just one visit!! I've also had no eye problems ever since.

4 stars 4
I'm surprised by these overly negative reviews. I've visited Stahl Eye Center 3-4 times per year for nearly 7 years now, and while my experiences haven't always been stellar, overall I'm very happy. Sure, some of reception staff over the years could grow a little in the customer interaction area, but I feel that's quite true of the vast majority of NYC medical practices.<br><br>The *advantages* of Stahl are entirely lacking in reviews. It's quite nice that they have dedicated specialists for contacts, retinas, corneas, etc., and they do all forms of surgery in-house should the need or desire arise. In a single visit I'll see 2-3 different doctors, each ensuring I'm healthy in their area of focus; this is especially beneficial to me since I have a rare cornea condition, and otherwise I'd have to visit more than a single practice for regular eye exams, contacts, and cornea checkups.<br><br>Furthermore, given that the office is a team of people, you can see any of the doctors. Some of the doctors only work 2-3 days per week, but if you need to schedule an appointment (emergency?) then another one will gladly see you and they're able to fit you in quickly.<br><br>Lastly, Galo has been very accommodating with my challenging eyes. Not only does my cornea condition severely restrict options in the contact lens department, but my eyes also get dry and gunky more than average. Galo has suggested I trial new contacts (new tech, new brands, etc) every year, even though we seemingly always revert back to the same brand/model I've had for years. It's unfortunate that none of his newer suggestions seem to turn out better, but I'm thankful that he's exploring options and giving me choice. He's quite knowledgable and pleasant to deal with, regardless of what any other reviews of him say.

5 stars 5
I've known for the past few years that my eyes aren't what they used to be; particularly when driving at night. Finally stopped putting it off & went to see Dr Werner on a friend's recommendation. I found him to be top-notch: affable; professional; and not at all inconvenienced to answer my every question in full detail. <br><br>It took about a week for me to acclimate to glasses, but they're great. I hadn't realized just how bad my vision had gotten--only wish now that I'd gone in a year or two earlier.<br><br>I can't say enough good things about my experience with Dr Werner at Stahl. Highly recommended.

5 stars 5
Roughly 7 years ago I had PRK surgery performed by Dr. Werner. For the next couple years after that I would go for check up visits and some touch ups as my vision was extremely poor PRIOR to the surgery. After PRK my vision was 20/20 and 7 years later its still 20/20! This has opened up all new doors for me when it comes to playing with my children, sports and activities, and even gave me glasses-less wedding pictures!<br><br>Dr. Werner has always strived for perfection with me as I was a pretty difficult case to solve. My eyes were always on the run so to speak, but he stuck with me and got it done. I am forever grateful for Dr. Werners work ethic, patience and persistence.

4 stars 4
This particular branch (Stahl seems to be a local optochain of sorts) employs friendly staff, who run a pleasant operation for an industrial park, especially one so close to work for me. Turnaround time was pretty respectable, more in line with the opto- than the medical, as is to be expected; wait room was in good shape. I scheduled & went in for a pretty inane reason ; confirming my prescription had plateau'd & to get re-issued documentation of such - Dr. Chang was excellent: knowledgeable and personable.<br><br>They can be found on the web @ <a href="/redir?" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a> & take Davis Vision (I'd imagine other plans as well, but do your own research, lazy).

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