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Just had cataract surgery with Dr Hufnagel , this was not your regular surgery , because I had RK surgery about 19 years ago that complicated things . Google that and you'll see what I'm talking about .<br>After surgery I now have 20/15 eyesight , better than what I expected .<br> If you had RK done to your eyes years ago like I did , be careful where you go ,the Dr must be highly experienced. <br>I highly Recommend Dr Hufnagel this Dr knows his stuff , I wouldn't trust my eyes to any one else . And I really mean that !!! I'm very happy with my results . <br>I also got to mention the other Dr's and the staff they were all excellent and professional all the way .<br>One more thing , there was a miscommunication on my earlier visit , and by mistake was told I needed eye glasses which I bought. $$<br>After the surgery I mention to Dr Hufnagel what had happened and he told the staff to accommodate me with adjusting the glasses for free or a complete refund whatever I what to do . <br>This place is not about the money it's about doing the right thing for it's patients.<br>Thanks Again Dr Hufnagel <br>Sincerely <br>Joe Pagano <br>Bklyn NY

5 stars 5
This has been a year of actually doing all the things I have been procrastinating and laser vision correction was one of them. I booked a consultation knowing that I was going to go ahead with the procedure so I opted to do the $100 full consultation with measurements. This consultation fee goes towards your price of surgery and I suppose they have to charge for it to avoid people going in getting measured (which is time consuming) and not following through. The cost also includes the year of follow up visits you are required to go in for.<br><br>Once I decided to book with Dr. Werner I felt kinda swept away into it since you go from just a consult to having the procedure and first few follow up appointments as well as a commitment to paying a few thousand dollars all in about 10 min. But for me it was probably better that way to make sure I went through with it.<br><br>On procedure day I am completely terrified. I go in for final measurements and apparently I am 1 of 50 people who has a problem with them. They need to put drops in my eyes to make the last measurement possible making the procedure impossible to do that day. So I rebook for 2 days later.<br><br>Procedure day take 2! I am again completely terrified. They take me to the procedure room and give me a stuffed hippo to hold onto. Once they start every little step is explained to me as its happening and the anxiety fades away as the procedure continues. My mom got to watch on a TV screen outside the room and she even took a video of it for me to watch once I was done. There was zero pain or discomfort during the procedure and I was also okay afterwards aside from being a little tired (probably from stressing myself out) and having a bit of a headache. The next day at my follow up I read 20/20 with using both eyes. <br><br>I'm now about a month out from my surgery date and my right eye is 100%. My left eye is still a bit off but I've been told that's normal and I need to give it some time. Night driving is a bit annoying but definitely getting better over time. <br><br>This was LIFE CHANGING and I'm so happy I finally had it done. Going from -6.25 in one eye and -5.50 in the other to being able to actually function with no glasses or contacts is amazing after all the years I went with them. My brother even made an appointment with Dr. Werner for a consult a few days after my surgery and followed through with his procedure about a week and a half later, also with great results.

5 stars 5
I had my LASIK eye surgery done at Stahl in Garden City in January 2014. Prior to the surgery, my vision was nearly -9 and I could hardly see a thing if my glasses weren't on or my contacts weren't in. Dr. Werner assured me that I would be seeing 20/20 or better after my surgery (or my money back!). I am beyond pleased to say I put my trust in the right doctor. I am now 20/15 and my quality of life has drastically improved. The recovery period was very quick- I was back to work on post-op day 2 (though I really could have gone back the following day). I felt that the whole process went incredibly smoothly. I have recommended Dr. Werner to anyone who mentions to me that they are considering LASIK - this was truly the best health care decision I have ever made! Dr. Werner and the rest of the staff at Stahl are amazing professionals.

5 stars 5
I first went to Stahl Eye Care in Hauppauge in January 2014 for a LASIK consultation. The consultation process was all very professional and went smoothly. Dr. Werner met with me and explained the entire process and answered all of my questions. The only negative thing I would have to say about the consultation is that they do charge a $100 fee for eye measurements, which I was unaware of until they requested payment; however it did end up going towards the cost of my surgery in the end. <br>I had the actual surgery at the Garden city location but have had all of my follow up appointments at the Hauppauge location. The entire staff has been extremely helpful and kind. My follow up appointments are a breeze and I am in and out of the office within a half hour at the most. Dr. Werner is always friendly and takes the time to chat with me about how things have been since the surgery - I truly feel like a person and not just a number when I am there. I am now seeing better than 20/20 and could not be happier with my decision to go to Stahl in Hauppauge for my eye care.

5 stars Recommended
I just had my lasik surgery done at stahl eyecare in june of this year and it was the best thing I have done for myself. I have worn glasses since i was 5yrs old and contacts since i was about 15yrs. My vision was horrible at -6 AND -9.75, Now im at 20/25. They are nice and the dr explains everything, and the procedure was quick maybe 10 mins tops!! As soon as the procedure was done i was able to see just a little cloudy and then in a few hrs things already started to become clear. It was amazing!! I just love that I can see clear now with out contacts or glasses and that I can wake up im the morning and see as soon as my eyes open! I can finally read with out squinting and dont have to ask any one "what does that say?" I def see better now then I did when I wore contacts! Thank you Dr. Cheng for giving me my sight back!

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