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I've been getting my eye examination at Stahl for the last couple of years.<br><br>I must say Doctors' attention is absolutely amazing... the office secretaries should learn from them!<br><br>I have no complaint when it comes to my yearly exam. I got the appointment and didn't have to wait much once I got there. My first examination was done by Dr. Chang. He is very kind and thorough. When I mentioned I was concerned about some floaters, someone else came in to take a look. Now I know that was Dr. Galo. He explained it is something very common and that there was not much to do. He was certainly reassuring. I've got lenses done there twice. They have a large selection of frames and both times the lenses were ready before the estimated time.<br><br>After I got my lenses I decided to have my contact lenses fitting done thru them. I got an appointment for Thursday, October 4th. I wasn't sure if that was the actual date of my appointment so I called that same morning to confirm it (unlike other healthcare providers, they do not call to reconfirm your appointment, so be sure you do that). My appointment was supposed to by at 10:00, so I tried to reach them by 9:00 but no one picked until 9:42. The lady on the phone said that indeed my appointment was confirmed for that same day by 10:00. When I got there I was told by one of the secretaries that the doctor was not in that day and that all she could do was reschedule me... for two weeks after. Now, if you run out of contacts, you know two weeks in non-admissible. So I asked her to please explained the doctor what just happened to see if he would consider to squeeze me in before that, because not only they failed to call me to reschedule, they failed to tell me not to come when I called earlier that day. The same day a lady by the name Sonia called and said that the doctor would see me the following Wednesday by 9 AM.<br><br>I went there... and the doctor was not there nor was his secretary. The secretaries of the other doctors were there, but they won't bother to ask who are you there to see. I saw a doctor came in shortly after that and still no one asked the reason for my visit. After about 10 minutes a Doctor came out and HE is the one who approached to asked if I was being helped. I said I was there to see Dr. Galo and he said that he would let him know. Next, Dr. Galo came out to the front desk and asked "who told you to come at 9?". He explained that he's usually not there by that time, but that since he was there he would gladly do my fitting. He is absolutely kind and explains to you all of the do's and don'ts and the functioning of your eyes. Since he didn't have my insurance information handy, he said we would take care of the payment on my following visit, and he said I could come the following Wednesday by 10 AM. Once again, I arrived there and Dr. Galo's secretary was not there and once again the other secretaries couldn't care less why are you there for. I think Dr. Galo may have forgotten to put my appointment down into his schedule or to ask his secretary to do so. He came out to the front desk and asked " who is your Doctor?" and I said "you". In any case, he was there and took a look at me a couple of minutes after, and he even took care of writing a receipt for me. I think he was relieved when he saw I was paying with cash instead of credit card. The regular cost of a contact lenses fitting there starts at $75, which is definitely reasonable. I got a discount through my insurance, so it came down to $62. He explained I could ordered my lenses through them. They do the pricing based on 1-800 contacts prices and the Doctor explained I was entitled to get a good rebate through my insurance. I declined, because I know 1-800 contacts is not the best price out there, but I think for them to go by a well known online retailer pretty much tells you they are not trying to rip your pockets. <br><br>Overall. I think they could definitely be more organized, but the Doctors are so good that they are worth going thru the hassle. I would say, if you want to have a fitting, try and call the week before to reconfirm, because as far as I know Doctors are not in this office 5 days a week. Besides what I've explained, I definitely recommend Dr. Galo Andrade if you need to get your contacts prescription.

5 stars 5
Dr. Werner did PRK on me 7 years ago and gave me the gift of sight! I had consultations with several doctors before choosing Dr. Werner and felt that he was the the most competent and professional. I trust his judgement implicitly. The procedure went flawlessly and he was always available for questions and any eye issues (pink eye) over the years. I love Dr. Werner and am so happy he is my doctor!

4 stars 4
I am surprised by the low ratings. I previously went to Rosemblaum Eye Center, after getting horrible treatment, (you can read my review) going thru months of treatment for conjunctivitis and then also being told I would never be able to wear contacts again in my life, I decided to get a second opinion from Stahl Eyecare. The staff there was soooo nice and accommodating! There is no long waits. My appt was at 12:00 and I saw the doctor at 12:05!! The doctor was really nice after I told him my story. He prescribed me a different type of contacts that alleviated my problem and I was happy again wearing contacts...after just one visit!! I've also had no eye problems ever since.

4 stars 4
I'm surprised by these overly negative reviews. I've visited Stahl Eye Center 3-4 times per year for nearly 7 years now, and while my experiences haven't always been stellar, overall I'm very happy. Sure, some of reception staff over the years could grow a little in the customer interaction area, but I feel that's quite true of the vast majority of NYC medical practices.<br><br>The *advantages* of Stahl are entirely lacking in reviews. It's quite nice that they have dedicated specialists for contacts, retinas, corneas, etc., and they do all forms of surgery in-house should the need or desire arise. In a single visit I'll see 2-3 different doctors, each ensuring I'm healthy in their area of focus; this is especially beneficial to me since I have a rare cornea condition, and otherwise I'd have to visit more than a single practice for regular eye exams, contacts, and cornea checkups.<br><br>Furthermore, given that the office is a team of people, you can see any of the doctors. Some of the doctors only work 2-3 days per week, but if you need to schedule an appointment (emergency?) then another one will gladly see you and they're able to fit you in quickly.<br><br>Lastly, Galo has been very accommodating with my challenging eyes. Not only does my cornea condition severely restrict options in the contact lens department, but my eyes also get dry and gunky more than average. Galo has suggested I trial new contacts (new tech, new brands, etc) every year, even though we seemingly always revert back to the same brand/model I've had for years. It's unfortunate that none of his newer suggestions seem to turn out better, but I'm thankful that he's exploring options and giving me choice. He's quite knowledgable and pleasant to deal with, regardless of what any other reviews of him say.

5 stars 5
I've known for the past few years that my eyes aren't what they used to be; particularly when driving at night. Finally stopped putting it off & went to see Dr Werner on a friend's recommendation. I found him to be top-notch: affable; professional; and not at all inconvenienced to answer my every question in full detail. <br><br>It took about a week for me to acclimate to glasses, but they're great. I hadn't realized just how bad my vision had gotten--only wish now that I'd gone in a year or two earlier.<br><br>I can't say enough good things about my experience with Dr Werner at Stahl. Highly recommended.

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