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Roughly 7 years ago I had PRK surgery performed by Dr. Werner. For the next couple years after that I would go for check up visits and some touch ups as my vision was extremely poor PRIOR to the surgery. After PRK my vision was 20/20 and 7 years later its still 20/20! This has opened up all new doors for me when it comes to playing with my children, sports and activities, and even gave me glasses-less wedding pictures!<br><br>Dr. Werner has always strived for perfection with me as I was a pretty difficult case to solve. My eyes were always on the run so to speak, but he stuck with me and got it done. I am forever grateful for Dr. Werners work ethic, patience and persistence.

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This particular branch (Stahl seems to be a local optochain of sorts) employs friendly staff, who run a pleasant operation for an industrial park, especially one so close to work for me. Turnaround time was pretty respectable, more in line with the opto- than the medical, as is to be expected; wait room was in good shape. I scheduled & went in for a pretty inane reason ; confirming my prescription had plateau'd & to get re-issued documentation of such - Dr. Chang was excellent: knowledgeable and personable.<br><br>They can be found on the web @ <a href="/redir?" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a> & take Davis Vision (I'd imagine other plans as well, but do your own research, lazy).

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It's a shame that the great work these doctors do is being clouded by their optometrist. I've been seeing Dr. Chang for 9 years since he did my lasik, and have seen him annually as my opthalmologist ever since. There is usually a wait in the waiting room and exam room, but I never felt it was excessive. I have (had?) astigmatism and nearsightedness of 20/375 and felt I had to do something.<br><br>Nine years on, and I still don't wear glasses or contacts - I'm thrilled with the way my surgery came out and don't regret going with Dr. Chang in the least.

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I had a great experience here. I met with Galo, an Optician and Director of the Contact Lens Division, who not only helped get rid of my headaches and eye aches, but also kept me laughing through the entire experience. He also explained to me why I was having these headaches and how to take care of my eyes better so one day I don't go blind.<br><br>He discovered that I had been wearing the wrong prescription for years. Galo was the only optician who caught the problem and helped to remedy it. <br><br>He was also very nice and made the entire process easy and quick. I highly recommend going to see him at the Stahl Eyecare Experts.

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Surprised to see all the negative feedback - I've been going for years with no issues whatsoever.

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