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What Our Patients Have To Say About LASIK

Listen to our LASIK patients describe their experience at Stahl Eye Care, and learn how LASIK could change your life for the better.

Get To Know Stahl Eye Care Experts

Learn about our highly skilled ophthalmologists, and how Stahl Eye Care Experts can meet your eye care needs.

What is Stahl Eye Care All About?

Learn about our doctors and how they can meet your eye care needs with compassion and expertise.

What Makes Stahl Eye Care Different?

What differentiates Stahl Eye Care from other eye care practices in New York? Learn about how Stahl Eye Care stands out from the crowd.

Our LASIK Testimonials

Watch our LASIK patients describe how LASIK improved their lives, and learn about how LASIK surgery at Stahl can change your life too.

Our Cataract Testimonials

Listen to our cataract patients deliver amazing testimonials about their life changing experience at Stahl Eye Care Experts.

Joshua Young Interviews Francis Price MD

Dr. Price talks about the findings of his LASIK study.

Our PRK Testimonials

Our PRK patients talk about their experience at Stahl Eye Care and describe how PRK surgery has changed their daily lives.

About Dr. Werner

Dr. Marc Werner from Stahl Eye Care Experts describes what he loves about his job, and how Stahl is different from other practices.

About Dr. Chang

Dr. Benjamin Chang discusses his academic background and why he chose ophthalmology.

About Dr. Hufnagel

Dr. Thierry Hufnagel speaks about the safety and effectiveness of LASIK surgery, and Stahl Eye Care's commitment to providing patients with great vision for life.