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Contact Lens FAQs

How can I get contact lenses?

Everyone who wants contact lenses must have a current eye health examination. There will be fitting fees in addition to the standard examination fee/deductible. Most health insurance companies do not cover contact lens fitting fees unless you have a vision rider such as VSP, EyeMed, Spectera, Davis Vision, or Superior Vision (of which we are members). Our fitting fees start at $50 depending on the complexity of the fitting. During your initial exam we will determine the most efficient contact lens design and material for your needs. The fitting fee will also include the follow-up visits required to evaluate your vision and the fit of your new lenses.
How about a free test drive?

If you are curious about contact lenses (the way they feel in your eyes or how the vision might be different from your eyeglasses), ask your eye care doctor or schedule an appointment with our contact lens practitioner. The practitioner will evaluate your comfort as well as your visual needs to see if you are a good candidate for the contact lens fitting.

Why do I have to have an eye exam if I don’t need any change in my prescription?

A contact lens is a medical device that will be in contact with your cornea for many hours at a time. We need to check the overall health of the eye annually to make sure it is in good health. We make sure the contact lens is fitting properly and that it is providing you with optimum comfort and vision.

What types of lenses are available?

There are many different types of contacts for many different types of eyes. Our contact lens practitioner will evaluate your cornea and combine that information with your prescription to recommend the best lens and wearing schedule for you. Our lenses come in several different wearing schedules: Daily Disposable, Two Week Replacement, Monthly Replacement, Quarterly Replacement, Yearly Replacement and Extended Wear lenses.

What happens after my training?

After you learn how to insert, remove and care for your new lenses, we will schedule a follow-up visit in approximately a week. At this appointment (which is included in your fitting fee), your vision and the fit of the lenses on your cornea will be evaluated. This is the time that any adjustments for comfort or vision can be made. It is possible that you might be asked to return once again for a final evaluation before you can purchase your lens supply. After your follow-up visits, your final contact lens prescription is written. We at Stahl have very competitive prices, so you can be confident that we can help with all of your contact lens needs.

How often do I need an eye exam?

Contact lens wearers must have a complete vision and eye health exam to update their contact lens prescription every year. This will be the time for us to examine your corneal health for signs of corneal infection, dryness, or discomfort with the current lens. There are often changes in contacts that are sold on the market, and we may have newer options to improve lens-corneal relationship.