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There are countless amazing stories as you’ve probably heard about vision correction, but although extremely rare,  just like any medical procedure,  there are associated risks. Laser vision correction when performed with correct criteria is a successful procedure and dramatically improves the quality of life for ideal patients, but it is not for everyone. Making sure you are a good candidate for laser vision correction is the first and most important step in your vision correction journey. 

For this reason, we offer our comprehensive screening to address everything from your age, overall health, the health of your eyes, lifestyle and any pre-existing medical conditions, any medications you take and your own personal vision prescription and challenges (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, cataracts, glaucoma, etc.). We also conduct a number of scans to gather thousands of data points about your eyes, so we can design a customized procedure to your unique vision needs.

Even with all these precautions to ensure ideal candidacy, laser vision correction is no different than any other procedure. It carries a risk of complications, and even complication-free procedures may result in less than 20/20 vision. Still, studies show that when performed properly, with experienced surgeons, up-to-date technologies AND for the right patients, the benefits of laser vision correction typically far outweigh the risks.  

For more information, visit the FDA website for their take on laser vision correction.