What Dry Eye Is Really Like

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Woman rubbing eyes due to Dry Eye Sundrome

The name dry eye can make the condition more difficult to understand than it needs to be. You assume that dry eye means dry eyes, right?

But it’s a whole lot more than that! Keep reading for an idea of what dry eye is really like!

Itchy Eyes

With dry eye, one thing you can experience is itchy eyes. And of course, if you have dry eye, the last thing you should do is rub your eyes!

Why? Well, rubbing your eyes is a bad idea all around, but with dry eye, you’re aggravating irritated eyes. The more you rub your itchy eyes, the more they’ll continue itching. It’s a vicious cycle!

Light Sensitivity

Ever go outside without sunglasses on and felt too sensitive to see? That’s a good idea of what light sensitivity with dry eye feels like.

Your eyes are overly sensitive to everything, including light. If you’re surrounded by bright lights, or you go outside, it’s likely the light is going to bother you.

If you have dry eye and need to go outside, make sure to always have UV blocking sunglasses on you. This way, your eyes won’t be directly exposed to the sun’s damaging rays.

Overly Watery Eyes

Nothing about dry eye suggests that your eyes will be watery, but it’s a common symptom! With dry eye, your eyes will often rotate between being too dry or watery.

With dry eye, your eyes either can’t produce enough tears or they are low quality. With eyes that are watery, your tears aren’t lubricating your eyes.

This means that your eyes are missing out on vital nutrients that keep them healthy.

Discomfort and Pain

Yes, another fun symptom of dry eye that’s not being treated is discomfort and pain. Your eyes may appear red or bloodshot.

They may also be more painful when you have to be around bright lights. Part of what makes dry eye so frustrating is you can experience many symptoms at once.

The light sensitivity may result in pain if you’re around bright lights for too long. Or you may end up with drier eyes thanks to the environment around you.

What Can You Do About Dry Eye?

If you think you have dry eye, there are some steps you can take. The first is to make your environment more comfortable. Buy humidifiers and put them in the rooms you’re in most, like your bedroom.

Another environmental change you can make is avoiding direct heating and cooling appliances. This includes heat pumps, air conditioning vents, and radiators.

Avoiding these can help keep your eyes from drying out even more. Another thing that can be helpful is buying artificial tears. Make sure to stay away with any that have preservatives, as they often dry your eyes out even more.

Tried a few of these steps and aren’t finding any relief? You may need medication to properly treat your dry eye. Many patients with dry eye find they may need to try several treatment options when it comes to finding relief.

Contact Stahl Eyecare Experts in Long Island, NY to schedule a dry eye appointment with us!

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