5 Characters Who Could Use LASIK

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Let’s be honest: LASIK makes life a lot better for those of us with impaired vision. Whether you’re prone to breaking glasses, always losing them, or just don’t like the way they look on you, LASIK makes every day easier. Check out this list of famous characters who really could have used LASIK.

  1. Harry Potter

    Harry Potter certainly isn’t known for his coordination. Luckily he has Hermione around to help. Here, she repairs Harry’s glasses with a quick, “Oculus Reparo!” and they’re good as new. For all the times he’s lost or broken them, Harry should have just gotten LASIK.

  2. Velma Dinkley

    If Velma has a catchphrase, it’s “I can’t see without my glasses!” She’s always crawling on her hands and knees looking for them. Life would be a lot easier for Velma after laser eye surgery. She’d spend more time solving mysteries, that’s for sure.

  3. Henry Bemis

    If you wear glasses, you know they always break at the very worst time. In this famous “Twilight Zone” episode, Henry Bemis is a bumbling bank teller, spending more time reading than making change. After he locks himself in a vault to do a little reading, he comes out to see the whole world destroyed. Oh well. Now Henry has time enough at last to read all the books he’s ever wanted. Until…

  4. Annie Hall and Woody Allen

    Annie Hall is probably the most stylish of all Woody Allen’s characters. She’s so hip that she opts for sunglasses over correction lenses, leading to this hilarious scene. If you want to see but don’t like the look of glasses, why not get LASIK?

  5. The Schofield Kid

    In one of the best scenes from Clint Eastwood’s “Unforgiven,” The Schofield Kid fires at Eastwood, thinking he’s following him. Really, they were supposed to meet up, and The Schofield kid has been hiding his impaired vision. Who’s going to fear a hired gun with glasses? To keep his reputation and make sure he’s not shooting crooked, we recommend LASIK.

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