5 Signs It’s Time For LASIK

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Time for LASIK

Are you tired of dealing with glasses? Have your contact lenses become beyond frustrating? Besides frustration, how do you know it’s time for LASIK? Keep reading to learn five signs it’s time for LASIK! Your eyes will thank you!

1. You need to replace your broken prescription eyeglasses… again

Why is it so easy to lose something that’s meant to stay on our faces? And why are they so easy to break? Too often, we lose our glasses without realizing it! You could lose them on the subway, on the train, in the backseat of the last Uber, at the restaurant, and even the pool.

When we aren’t losing them, our precious glasses just became the dog’s new chew toy. After Spike gets finished gnawing on them, there’s no way they are going back on your face.

Do you like to babysit? That cute toddler who grabbed your glasses off your face has no idea they could cost you hundreds! If you’re tired of replacing your glasses, it could be time for LASIK.

2. You’re wondering how many contact lenses you’ll rip while getting ready for work

Contact lenses give us a break from our glasses. In some situations, they may even give you more confidence. If you have an active lifestyle, they are a must if you want clear vision.

But let’s face it: contacts are a pain and a financial drain. It’s much too easy to drop them, lose them, rip them, or blink them out of your eyes.

Even if we find them on the ground, chances are you’ll have to replace that contact. The truth is that contact lenses are a financial drain. Every time you lose one, accidentally drop one, or tear one is just money you’re wasting. Aren’t you tired of dealing with the contact lens drama?  

3. Glasses are slowing you down

If you lead an active lifestyle, you know the endless struggle between having fun and seeing.  

It’s too easy to lose a contact while on the soccer field or on the ski slope.  Of course, you cannot wear prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses while swimming either. Even the simplest activities make wearing glasses a struggle! Walking your dogs on a nice trail could mean fog, rain, and glasses sliding down your nose while sweating. Count us out!

If you consider yourself an active person, it’s time to move on from the hassles of glasses and contacts!

4. Your job isn’t glasses friendly

In certain fields like law enforcement and construction, LASIK may be a necessity. Wearing glasses in these fields could be a safety hazard.

If you work in dusty environments, LASIK is a smart choice to keep your eyes safe. For those working with chemicals, wearing contacts may be out of the question as well.

5. Not being able to travel spontaneously

It’s never too soon to start planning your next vacation! If you like the freedom to get up and go, LASIK is a perfect fit. After LASIK, you won’t have to make sure you pack spares of everything. No more glasses and contacts mean you can pack quickly and get where you need to go!

Think it’s time to learn more about LASIK? Schedule your free consultation with Stahl Eyecare Experts today!

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