Why Diabetics Need Regular Vision Exams

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Diabetic Vision Exams

If you are a diabetic, then you know how much of a struggle it can be. People with diabetes have a higher risk of developing diabetic retinopathy.

This is a blanket term used to describe all vision problems for diabetics. Diabetic retinopathy is dangerous and is considered a serious complication of diabetes.

This doesn’t mean that being a diabetic with diabetic retinopathy has to be bad. Even if you have diabetic retinopathy, there are things you can do to keep it from progressing. Part of this includes regular visits to see your primary care doctor and eye doctor.

Keep reading to learn why regular check-ups with your doctors are so important!

Common Vision Problems For Diabetics

A diabetic is more at risk of developing conditions that lead to blindness. With diabetic patients, the 2 most common vision problems are glaucoma and cataracts.

When a patient has glaucoma, it means that there is too much pressure in the eye. When this happens, there is a build-up of this pressure. The eye becomes unable to drain fluids.  

Because the eye is no longer able to drain, the fluids that build-up creates pressure. When left untreated, glaucoma causes blindness. This is due to the retina and optic nerve becoming damaged beyond repair.

There are several different kinds of treatment options available for glaucoma. These include prescriptions to reduce optic pressure and sometimes surgery. If you have glaucoma, you are 40% more likely to develop glaucoma!

This risk of developing glaucoma only increases with time. The longer you have diabetes, the higher your risk of developing glaucoma becomes.

Cataracts can affect anyone, even those who do not have diabetes. Like with glaucoma, diabetics have a 60% higher risk of developing cataracts. A cataract occurs when proteins in the eye begin to clump. This happens in the center of the lens, leading to cloudy vision.

If cataracts aren’t treated, they will lead to eventual blindness. It can take several years for a cataract to develop. When a cataract is still developing, it can be treated using glasses or contacts.

Cataract surgery only becomes necessary when most of your vision has become obstructed.

Everyday activities like reading or sending emails may become close to impossible. During cataract surgery, the natural lens of the eye gets replaced with an IOL. With an IOL, patients are able to see clearly again!

Your Eye Health & Primary Care Doctor

If you have diabetes, it’s important to see your primary care doctor regularly. Being at an increased risk for eye conditions is just part of why. There are other health conditions that diabetics are more likely to develop as well.

Seeing a primary care doctor ensures that your health is where it should be. By attending appointments on a regular basis, it’s easier to catch problems. This includes all aspects of your health, not just your eyes!

Want more information about vision conditions that affect diabetics? Call Stahl Eyecare Experts to schedule an appointment today! Let us help you keep your vision in control!

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