38 Reasons To Get LASIK Surgery

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If you wear contacts or glasses, you know it’s a struggle. Your contacts dry out or your glasses get scratched! You fall asleep in your contacts and wake up to eyes that feel super glued together.

It’s not fun and it’s beyond frustrating. If you’re tired of the glasses and contacts solution, it might be time for LASIK. Keep reading for 38 reasons to get LASIK!

  1. You’re ready for LASIK and had a LASIK consultation
  2. Your prescription hasn’t changed for at least the past year
  3. You would like to see without corrective lenses that attract fingerprints
  4. You like the idea of saving money over time since a lifetime of glasses costs more than LASIK
  5. You live an active lifestyle
  6. You want to enjoy life without glasses or contacts
  7. Your neighbor had it done and recommended a great LASIK surgeon at Stahl Eyecare Experts!
  8. You’ve stabbed yourself in the eye trying to put in a contact lens for the last time
  9. You’ve fallen asleep in your glasses and woke up to them broken
  10. You have a special occasion like your birthday coming up
  11. You want to go into your mid-twenties not worrying about glasses or contacts
  12. Rain + Prescription eyeglasses = Do Not Mix
  13. Arts and Crafts Time with the Kids + Prescription Eyeglasses = Not the Best Idea
  14. That baby niece of yours is getting pretty grabby and cracked your glasses somehow
  15. You have done your research and know it’s the right decision for you
  16. No more midnight runs to the 24-hour pharmacy when you run out of contact solution
  17. You work as a first responder and not dealing with glasses or contacts is safer
  18. You spend a lot of time in the pool
  19. Contact lenses irritate your eyes
  20. You’re tired of misplacing your glasses and fumbling around in the morning for them
  21. Waking up in the middle of the night for a snack is too hard when you need to find your glasses in the dark
  22. You promised yourself you’d do something for yourself that you want to do
  23. No more hairspray coating the lenses of your prescription eyeglasses
  24. Wearing contacts and using artificial tears for your dry eye is making your mascara run
  25. You are craving the freedom to be more spontaneous
  26. Packing for weekend getaways would be so much easier
  27. Packing to return to reality after a weekend getaway will be a breeze after LASIK
  28. Getting ready for work in the morning would be drama free
  29. You can say goodbye to rushing into the office at the last minute because you put your contact on inside out
  30. No more having to decide being able to see on the sidelines and having to squint when your coach puts you in the game
  31. You have saved up the total amount you’d need in a high-interest savings account
  32. Allergy season would be more tolerable since you won’t have to put contacts in your eyes anymore!
  33. Your tax return refund would make a nice dent in your total LASIK cost
  34. You know you will regret it later if you don’t have LASIK now
  35. You’ve been dreaming of waking up and being able to see your alarm clock for way too long
  36. Your best friend can’t stop talking about how easy her LASIK recovery was
  37. Your aunt had LASIK 10 years ago and still doesn’t need glasses
  38. It feels right.

Want to make your dreams of LASIK a reality? Schedule your LASIK consultation at Stahl Eyecare Experts in the Long Island area!

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