5 Signs Cataracts Are Making Your Life Harder

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Do you have cataracts? Are you trying to decide if you should have cataract surgery? The thought of surgery on your eyes can be scary.

Our eyes and vision are important. Cataracts can impact your vision and make it difficult to do daily activities.

Cataracts develop when the eye’s natural lens becomes cloudy. At first, cataracts develop slowly.

They start off small and then get larger as they develop over time. As cataracts grow larger and larger, they impact your vision.

This makes it much harder to do the activities you love. Keep reading for 5 signs cataracts are making your life harder!

1. It Becomes More Challenging to Read

Cataracts can cause blurry or cloudy vision. Sometimes patients describe it as there being some sort of film covering their eyes.

This can make it difficult to see any small details clearly. At first, more light helps resolve this problem, but as time goes on, it can be harder to read or write.

If you love to read, this can be a difficult lifestyle change to adjust to.

2. You Experience More Difficulty Eating or Walking

A rarer side effect of cataracts is double vision. If you see two of everything, it can be difficult to coordinate your eyes and muscles.

Simple activities like eating or walking can become difficult if you can’t see clearly. Even if you don’t have double vision, tripping is still a concern with cataracts.

Having cataracts makes it harder to see the world around you. You could trip over a step or mat because you don’t have clear vision.

3. You Have Trouble Doing Household Tasks

If you have blurry or cloudy vision, doing household tasks could be difficult. If you like to cook, you might not be able to see the recipe and could miss an ingredient or measure something wrong.

Doing laundry, cleaning, or even reading a timer could be hard. Not being able to take care of your house because you have cataracts is just frustrating.

4. You’re Unable to Take Part In Your Hobbies

Cataracts can make colors look duller, have a yellow tint, or make it hard to see details. This makes many activities and hobbies much harder. If you’re a knitter, photographer, or you enjoy the great outdoors, cataracts make these tasks impossible.

Also, blurry vision can make sports like tennis, golf, or fishing hard. Having cloudy vision can make any activity less enjoyable.

5. You Find It More Challenging When You Drive at Night

One of the most common side effects of cataracts is seeing halos around lights. This becomes a problem when you’re driving at night.

As cataracts develop, this can make it more difficult to drive at night. Trying to see in the dark and noticing halos around lights can make driving dangerous.

Not being able to drive at night can make being social difficult. You may not be able to go to shows, dinners out, or even attend family events.

Cataracts, when they are advanced, can make it harder to see and live your life. For patients with cataracts, it can feel like they are losing their independence. Getting cataract surgery allows you to restore your vision and regain your independence.

Are you ready to find out if you need to get cataract surgery? Schedule a cataract screening at Stahl Eyecare Experts in Garden City, NY today!

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