Will My Dry Eyes Get Drier This Winter?

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Dry eye syndrome can be uncomfortable and even painful. It can cause your eyes to be dry, itchy, and even watery.

You may even find it harder to see. These symptoms can become worse in the winter months.

For most climates, the winter months are harsh and cold and are the driest months of the year. With increased winds and drier indoor environments, it’s no wonder that your eyes feel drier!

Here are a few ways that you can treat your dry eyes this winter.

Artificial Tears

Dry eye syndrome develops when your eyes can’t produce enough tears or the tears produced are simply low in quality. Low-quality tears won’t provide enough lubrication for your eyes.

Artificial tears are an over-the-counter solution for dry eye symptoms. They are an eye drop solution that helps lubricate your eyes.

It is best to apply artificial tears repeatedly throughout your day. It is recommended that you apply them up to six times each day. Speak with your eye doctor if artificial tears do not ease your dry eye symptoms.

Eye Ointments

Eye ointments are another over-the-counter solution that can help your dry eye symptoms. They are a droplet solution that is thicker than standard eye drops and artificial tears. You apply them to the inside of your lower eyelid, just behind the eyelash line.

For optimal results, apply eye ointments at bedtime. They can cause your vision to become blurry if you apply them during the daytime.

This is because of how thick they are. You can find eye ointments at most drug stores. Many will be labeled “pm” ointments. This means that you should only apply them before going to bed.

Indoor Humidifiers

The winter months mean dry environments, both when you’re inside and outside. The dry environment can make your dry eye symptoms worse.

You can’t do anything about how dry it is outside, but you can improve the humidity indoors. The best way to do this is with an indoor humidifier.

Indoor humidifiers work by adding moisture into the air from a tank of water. It is important that you regularly replace the water in the humidifier tank.

The water can attract and grow mold and other bacteria, and you definitely don’t want to be spreading mold into the air. This is a recipe for sickness during the flu season.

Warm Compression

One of the simplest ways to reduce the frustrating symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome is with warm compression. All you need to do is heat a washcloth with hot water, fold it, and place it over your eyes.

Gently rub the washcloth over your eyes. This will help soothe your dry and irritated eyes. It can also break away any crusting that has formed on your eyelids.

Are you tired of having constantly dry and irritated eyes? Your eye doctor can help.

Through an eye examination, your eye doctor can diagnose your dry eye syndrome and prescribe a course of treatment. Schedule an appointment today with Stahl Eyecare Experts in Garden City, NY! Get your dry eyes under control before they become more of a problem!

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