Are Contact Lenses Worth The Expense?

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Do you need vision correction but don’t want to wear glasses? Likely, contact lenses are what comes to mind next for your eyesight needs.

They go right onto your eye and provide quality vision while remaining invisible. However, contacts are far from the perfect solution for vision issues.

Contact lenses come with a whole list of issues, risks, and hassles. Keep reading to learn more about LASIK, one of the best glasses and contact alternatives.

What is LASIK?

LASIK is a vision correction procedure that has been in use since the late 1990s. It corrects nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism by reshaping your cornea.

A misshapen cornea is typically the root cause of refractive errors. LASIK makes your cornea a more consistent shape which gives you better eyesight.

A well-shaped cornea can refract or bend most of the light that enters your eye. This refraction makes it easy for your lens to focus that light onto your retina.

By correcting the shape of your cornea, LASIK gives you clear vision without glasses or contacts.

What Happens During LASIK?

LASIK reshapes your cornea using two lasers. A three-dimensional map of your cornea created by a software program guides them.

The first step in LASIK is numbing your eyes with anesthetic eyedrops. After your eyes are numb, a femtosecond laser makes an incision in the epithelium or outer layer of your cornea.

This incision creates a hinged, circular opening in the top layer of the cornea. The hinge remains attached so that it can reattach to your cornea at the end of the surgery.

The corneal flap technique is one reason that LASIK has a quick recovery time. After the epithelium is out of the way, the other laser called an excimer laser, removes tissue from the cornea.

Guided by the 3-D map, the excimer laser removes minuscule amounts of tissue from your cornea. It removes tissue with short pulses of light in specific places on your cornea until the curvature is correct.

Then, the flap is gently lowered, pressed onto your eye with a medical sponge, and left to reattach on its own. LASIK does not require any stitches.

You could notice an immediate improvement in your vision. But it may take a few months for the full results to take effect.

Recovery from LASIK is generally easy and uncomplicated. But you will need to take special care of your eyes, as they will be in a very fragile state for several weeks.

Your eye doctor will give you special eye drops and hydrating tears to use for the first few weeks. You will also need to avoid strenuous physical activities for a week or two. Always closely follow your ophthalmologist’s instructions.

LASIK Financing 

LASIK can be expensive because insurance companies deem it an elective procedure. But if you are considering contacts or glasses, the costs become comparable. 

Most LASIK candidates spend about $500 a year on contacts, glasses, and other eye care items. Based on the eyewear and eye care savings alone, LASIK generally pays for itself within a few years.

And while the price may seem high, it is that way for a reason. You are paying for state-of-the-art technology and experienced surgeons.

These surgeons and equipment give you the highest chance of a successful procedure. And LASIK has a high satisfaction rate, so it will likely give you the visual freedom and cost-savings you’re seeking.

There is also plenty of financing available for LASIK. You should be able to find a payment option that will fit into your budget.

Ready for visual freedom? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Stahl Eyecare Experts in Garden City, NY. Don’t let glasses or contacts keep holding you back from your best life!

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